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My best days will be ahead of me

Casting for Christ

In our bible study at Impact Church last week, topic provided by a Navy Seals group, talked of 5 steps for each day. The Seal’s plan is a follows:

  1. Be amazing
  2. Do something that sucks
  3. Do something for someone that costs you something
  4. Make variations to the plan
  5. Be Amazing

Being a project leader for many years I tend to break things down and this is what this meant to me: Be Amazing is the overall concept,  items 2 Something that sucks and 3 Do something for someone are where actual deliverables are determined, Make variation to the plan is making adjustments based on project evolution and feedback from God.

Be Amazing –

I believe striving to be amazing is not only the start and the end of the day’s focus, but wraps around the whole day.  Praying each morning, evening and throughout the day, thanking God for his grace and forgiveness, expressing my commitment to Christ and asking God how I can best serve or worship Him today.  In addition, work to make sure my heart and mind are filled with Joy rather than bitterness or anger.  Praying for those in my life, (family, friends and even my enemies), and expecting great things.  Read scripture each morning.  Be prepared to adjust my plan if God steps in.  As Pastor Travis’s message last week highlighted, “My Plan B might be Gods Plan A”.

Next, I review my plan for the day.  First, determining how to approach Doing something that sucks and Doing something that costs me something. Hopefully activities to get the best return on my investment and make a difference.  However, I thing starting out it might be like broccoli, it’s good for you, but doesn’t taste that good sometimes.  As a self proclaimed athlete I know that the last hill I have to run, hike or bike sucks, but it is the thing that builds the most strength.  Life offers challenges regularly.  Sickness, a death in the family, a friend betraying you, but though my faith in God I must remember that life’s challenges are like the the hills on the trail.  They provide strength building opportunities.

And finally, if I want the energy to maximize my contribution and commitment to my purpose I need to take care of my body and mind:

  • Eat right (Limit sugars & processed foods)
  • Exercise (cardio, gym, stretching)
  • Read the Bible daily
  • Pray morning, evening and thoughout the day.

I have to tell you before I found Jesus I did none of the above. Actually, O did the exact opposite and my life showed the effects.

Do something that sucks. (well Sucks or Amazing is based on your perspective)

This is all those things in life I just hate or have difficulty doing.  Actually, these are some of those hills in my life that build strength.  If I liked doing them they would be easy.  A few of my evil spirits are:

  • clean my office and desk,
  • cleaning house and yard
  • update Quickbooks
  • granted there are things in life much more difficult to face than the regular annoyances of life mention above like death of a love one, conflict with another person or relationship, health issue of yourself or a family member, but I think you get the point.

Cardio, gym or stretching exercise is one of those tasks that could be classified as Sucks or Amazing, depending on your perspective.  For me it is what gets me going in the morning. Not to say parts of that regiment will probably always fall in the area of Sucks.

The value for me is by facing these activities daily I can turn these drudgeries in life into the blessings they really are.  If it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger.  If it does kill me, well I get to be home with Jesus.  The fact is these thing may never migrate from the sucks category, but they are things that can lead you to an awesome relationship with God.

Do something for someone that cost you something.

What is Service to you.  To me it comes in many shapes and sizes. God guides me base on the talents He has provided.   Volunteer with non-profit, help a person in need, plan a mission, volunteer at church, do a conservation project, work at the Food Bank and hundreds of others. It might be as simple as spending time with the family doing what they want to do.  If I know someone that needs help with something and I have a talent that could help, I try to help.

However, some way to serve might just fall in the above category of Sucks and could be a new opportunity to build a little character. I strive and struggle to be careful to keep priorities straight (God, Family, relationships, purpose).  It is easy to forget “NO’ is not always a negative response and can be a response of integrity.  It took me a while to realize saying “no” does 3 things:

  • keeps me focused on my relationship with God and my purpose.
  • helps me to keep my priorities straight
  • lets the people requesting my time know I will not be able to contribute so they can plan accordingly.

Make variations in the plan

Thing about the plan for next day, week or month.  Evaluate with God how I am doing against my plan.  Add a little variety to the routine.  If I run or hike 5 days a week on a couple of trails, change up the location.  Some items that started out to suck can turn into blessing, they may move to Amazing or Do something for someone.   Shake up your Suck category and find some new challenges. Make plans for the next day, week or month with specifics deliverables. Not just I’m going to help the needy, but more like I’m going to work at the Food Bank Saturday.  Make it tangible.

I find by following and reviewing these steps it adds structure to my life and helps me maximize my relationship with God and opens the door for me to execute God’s purpose for my life.  I think God promises us:

Our best days will be ahead of me.