Phoenix, AZ 85022,USA

Journal November 13

Casting for Christ

This Church (Impact Church) is full of it.  It is full of Grace, Love, Faith and Commitment.

Several of your prayed for my marriage this past week.  With those prayers and Gods love and grace my marriage has been resurrected from the ashes.

My previous wife of 14 years passed away in 2003.  In 2002 she was given 4 months to live.  During that time I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking God why me, why Patty.  Patty grabbed me by the collar and stared into my eyes and said “We don’t have time to worry or regret that our live together on earth was going to be cut short, we need to be grateful of the blessing that we have been granted 14 fantastic years together. Lot of folks don’t get to have that blessing, only you and I.  And the puppies”.  In her final weeks Patty had a chant, that I used in my daily runs in the mountains in Oregon, “Strong, Health, Warrior”.  This chant has given me strength in my life’s trials not just in running up hill.

Fast forward 14 years (14 years, Ironic).  Your prayers and Gods love and graces has resurrected mine and Karen’s marriage.  So, with our faith and commitment Karen and I are committed to a God-size life together going forward.   Lot of work to do, but we’ve got an awesome project manager “GOD”.

Last point:  As I hiked up Shaw Butte this morning it came to me “The steeper the hill the closer I get to God”. I composed a new chant “LOVE, GRACE, FAITH, COMMITMENT”.  I think this will apply on the up hills of life, as well as my daily prayers each morning.

Can I get and Amen.