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About Us

Casting for Christ

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Our Mission

H30 (Helping, Healing & Hope throught the Outdoors) seeks to create meaningful and faith-shaping experiences through God's Cathedral.

Life is shaped through daily/weekly rhythms and through significant life experiences. Through a variety of outdoor activity options and leveraging the power of creation, teaching, personal reflection, and community, H3O creates experiences to impact faith and set the course for new rhythms of life after each retreat or event.

H3O is led a core group of partners and outdoor professionals who share a passion for God, the outdoors and seeing people grow in their faith.

H3O offers retreats & events around the country for men and women, as well as, designing retreats for individuals and groups desiring to host their own faith-based retreats.

H3O in the future will be
Providing spiritual coaching and growth planning for individuals and groups
Bringing the Christian outdoor network together linking you to other great ministries, guides, lodges and Outdoor opportunities.

Check out all that H3O offers, follow the devotional blog, and don’t hesitate to send questions, inquire about a trip or explore designing a trip for you and friends.